Freymond Lumber is once again proposing the creation of a sizeable blast/drill/crush rock quarry at the northeast corner of Faraday Township, adjacent to Bay Lake Road at Highway 62 in the town of Bancroft, Ontario. The proposed quarry site begins at the Bancroft town limit on the edge of the Our Lady of Mercy Parish Cemetery, runs south to the Freymond Lumber office, and extends west to the Mackie Greenhouse & Farm on Gaebel Road. Proposed Freymond quarry location shown on Google Satellite image. Source: Blast Impact Analysis Freymond Quarry (Explotech, February 18, 2014)

If this proposal is approved, there will be significant negative impact, which could reasonably be expected to include:

  • stress relief fracturing (“rockbursts”), with the potential to destroy the local water table
  • destruction of lake trout habitat, including 3 nearby lakes with the very rare capability of supporting lake trout (only 1% of lakes in Ontario can support native lake trout)
  • damage to water supply for Jeffrey Lake, identified as being among the most highly sensitive lakes (OMB ruling S8400110840073R840170)
  • reductions of surrounding property values by up to 39%
  • traffic gridlock including delays for emergency vehicles at the intersection of highway 62 and Bridge Street West
  • air pollution such as exhaust gases and uncontrolled dust that can choke out vegetation and nearby aquatic life
  • noise pollution including blasting, crushing, engines, air brakes, back up alarms heard loudly throughout neighboring homes
  • shockwaves which will disturb human remains and shake nearby buildings and their residents
  • increased maintenance costs for Bancroft/Dungannon, where lack of infrastructure maintenance funds earned an “F” grade from Public Sector Digest in 2015

None of this has to happen. Register your objection, and hold the local officials to their responsibility to protect the community and the environment.