Minutes of Settlement from Ontario Land Tribunal Hearing: 

Freymond Lumber Minutes of Settlement Final

Hearing Commences Monday, September 20th, 2021

You can find everything you need to know leading up to the hearing here:

Witness Statements

Witnesses Index: Witnesses Index

1. Dr. Richard Carmona:
Witness Statement with Supporting Documentation

2. Andrew Gibson:
Witness Statement with Supporting Documentation

3. Dalila C. Giutsi P.ENG.:
Witness Statement with Supporting Documentation

4. Chris Helmer, B.Sc., P.Geo.:
Witness Statement with Supporting Documentation
Acknowledgement of Expert’s Duty

5. Karl R. Konze, B.Sc.:
Witness Statement with Supporting Documentation

6. Stefan Szczerbak, MCIP, RPP:
Witness Statement with Supporting Documentation


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No Place For A Quarry Prepares for Quarry Hearing

After more than a decade of investing time and money, objecting, and researching, we are in our final months of trying to stop the location of this quarry so close to our lakes, homes and businesses.

NPFAQ is holding an information session August 25, 2021– Bancroft, Ontario, please see below:

Zoom Call – Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 – 10:00 AM – REGISTER HERE

Supporter Information Session on upcoming Ontario Land Tribunal Hearing Commences Monday, September 20th, 2021

Applicant: Freymond Lumber Ltd.
Appellant: No Place for a Quarry Inc.
Municipality: County of Hastings

On behalf of No Place for a Quarry, you are invited to attend a Supporter Information Session about the upcoming hearing which commences September 20th.
You are invited and welcomed if you are one of the following:

  • Supporter
  • Donator
  • Citizen who has registered your well for monitoring
  • Citizen who is registered as an opponent of the Aggregate License Application
  • Citizen who has just moved into the area and would like to join with the community who is opposed to the location of this quarry

Please join us for a 1-hour Supporter Information Session which will include presentations from:

  • Eric K Gillespie Barristers & Solicitors
  • Update on Experts and Hearing Process
  • NPFAQ Financials on the fundraising and expenses to date
  • Fundraising Committee on the future needs for the hearing

These presentations will summarize where we have come from, where we are at to date, and where the hearing is going regarding issues and expert witnesses etc.
These presentations will also summarize the donations raised to date, the expenses paid to date, the estimated costs of the hearing, present financial commitments from residents and businesses, along with the estimated future fundraising needs to pay for the hearing.

Q & A Session at the end of the call.

If you have invested in your property and wish to protect your paradise join our community and find out how you can support and join the cause! All supporters are welcome to come in goodwill and with prepared questions which can be typed into the chat room area. There will be 20 minutes at the end of the call for participants questions. A monitor will direct questions to the presenters.


For further information, please contact:

Eric Gillespie
Eric K. Gillespie Professional Corporation
Tel: 416-436-7473 (voice/text)
Email: [email protected]

Update: It’s Now or Never
Deadline September 30, 2020

Did you have a great summer?

Being up north offers so much nature, clean air and room to think, breathe and play.

We bet you didn’t take your retreat for granted this year, eh?

Cottages have been in huge demand this summer which means that now more than ever we have to protect your paradise.

The proposed Freymond Fowler Quarry just on the outskirts of Bancroft in close proximity of permanent residences, cottages, and businesses must be stopped to protect our clean air, delicate water systems, nature, traffic safety, quiet, tranquility and economic tourism…..not to mention the potential for flyrock.

Imagine the constant sound of gravel crushing or the beeps of one 24 000 pound diesel truck backing up.

Now imagine having potentially 100 trucks a DAY on highway 28 or 62. Not only would the gridlock on the bridge in the downtown Bancroft intersection be unbearable, the travel time to and from your cottage could be significantly increased and the collective noise pollution and damage to our roads would threaten your paradise.

This is why we are passionate about stopping the proposed quarry with our appeal.

This quarry would be located right in the middle of permanent residential and cottage country behind the cemetery across from Rona Lumber at Hwy 62 and Bay Lake Road. It would be right behind Freymond Lumber.

Did you know that The Leveque Bros., is an experienced, massive, fully operational quarry eight kilometres north of Bancroft with hundreds of years of product. Why put Bancroft at risk for supply we already have?

In the very near future LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal) will be re-scheduling a proceeding for the Case Management Conference (CMC) regarding the matter of objections received from Objectors vs Applicant Freymond Lumber Ltd. Appellants include many private citizens, just like us, who are objecting to a Class A license for the removal of aggregate. This will be done through zoom or another form of video conference.

At the same time LPAT will also be re-scheduling a proceeding of the above matter, for a Case Management Conference (CMC) for the following: Appellant, No Place for a Quarry vs Upper Tier of Hastings – on Proposed Official Plan Amendment No. 18 for the County of Hastings.

We will update you with information about the hearing and how you can make a difference.

We need your support! We cannot do this without you!
Costs for NO PLACE FOR A QUARRY to move forward with the appeal of the proposed Official Plan Amendment No. OPA 18 on behalf of all concerned local citizens, is an estimated $50,000 and A DONOR will match dollar for dollar 50% of the requirement to a maximum of $30,000.

A big thank you to all who have already pledged generously!
We have raised $9k in pledges and need to raise another $16k to pay for the preliminary hearing and the final hearing by September 30, 2020. Our private donor will match the rest.

We have retained GillespieLaw.ca, a top law firm in Toronto who specializes in environmental and municipal law.

This takes a village and we can do it!
Would you consider donating generously to Go Fund Me and reaching out to your relatives and friends who are visiting around Bancroft and enjoy all that this area has to offer?

Maybe you know someone who just bought their dream cottage in the area and doesn’t know about the proposed quarry or doesn’t know how to help.

Please share and talk about this.

Maybe you have a great fundraising idea!

Some citizens have been getting creative like holding a raffle to stay at their cottage or having friends donate to the cause in exchange for weekend escape at their cottage.

It’s still really beautiful here in the fall. Do you have a weekend available this fall to raffle off? It’s so easy and so worth it.

Would you consider reaching out to at least 3 additional people for help?

We have over 400 concerned citizens who have signed up on our list. If everyone contributed $40 we would have our $16,000. We understand that this is not feasible for many, and for many it is. No amount is too small or too big.

Again, thank you for your support, and please consider donating generously to saving your paradise Go Fund Me. A tax receipt is available by donating to Small Change Fund.

The time is now. It’s now or never.





Thank YOU for taking the time to READ & COMPLETE this survey regarding the next steps.

We have NEW information to share AND require your survey feedback prior to JUNE 14, 2020:

1) LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal) is re-scheduling a proceeding for the Case Management Conference (CMC) for the matter of objections received from Objectors vs Applicant Freymond Lumber Ltd. Appellants include many private citizens who are objecting to a Class A licence for the removal of aggregate. Date to be determined due to coronavirus.

2) LPAT will also be re-scheduling a proceeding at the same time as the above matter, for a CMC for the following:  Appellant, No Place for a Quarry vs Upper Tier of Hastings – on Proposed Official Plan Amendment  No. 18 for the County of Hastings.


Freymond Lumber and Fowler Construction (50% of Fowler was sold to Capital Paying in 2014) wants to create a quarry on Bay Lake Road and Hwy 62, the border of Faraday Township & Town of Bancroft. NPFAQ are not against quarries. We are vehemently against the location of this quarry. Quarries are traditionally hidden and several kilometers from residential and recreational businesses for obvious reasons. This one is proposed to be centred within a concentrated area of cottages, residences, a world class wellness resort, and a family farm as close at 90 metres from the blast zone. 

Blasting, drilling and crushing threatens our unique clean spring-fed lakes, pollutes our clean air with dust, affects wildlife for up to 2 kms, diminishes tourism, devalues your cottage or home, and could produce deadly fly rock.

If re-zoning is approved, 10 loads per hour will depart this quarry – that’s 20 trucks per hour; 10 in and 10 out. With Doug Ford’s new proposal, quarries may soon be allowed to operate any time of day or night without restrictions or accountability. There will be a significant increase in heavy trucks at the T-intersection in Bancroft at Hwy 62 & Hwy 28 which is already congested and will create further safety hazards.

READ YOUR GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO ENVIRONMENTAL BILL OF RIGHTS – “the people of Ontario have as a common goal the protection, conservation and restoration of the natural environment for the benefit of present and future generations.”


Open Editorial Letter to Bancroft Times – June 2019 (text format)

Open Editorial Letter to Bancroft Times – June 2019 (Paper format, Part 1)

Open Editorial Letter to Bancroft Times – June 2019 (Paper format, Part 1)


UPDATED: as of July 16, 2019

July 17, 10:30am – LPAT Hearing held at Faraday Community Centre – Faraday is trying to have NPFAQ Appeal Dismissed.

June 18: The NPFAQ legal team presented the expert findings, reports on water, traffic, economic impact and noise pollution to show evidence that this is no place for a quarry. Hastings County Council voted 10-3 in favour of changing the Official Plan 18 from Rural to Industrial Extraction.

March 19: A delegation of citizens and the legal team from Donnelly Law Barristers & Solicitors hired by NPFAQ presented their concerns to the Hastings County Planning Council. In a vote of 12-2, the delegation succeeded in postponing the zoning change vote to June 18th.



  1. Educate yourself on the irreversible damage that can be caused by quarries to people, animals and environment. See tabs for articles and research.
  2. Volunteer to help with protests, putting up signs and posters, manning information booths. Email us by clicking on ‘Get Involved Tab’. Teen Activists Welcome!
  3. DONATE TODAY and receive a tax receipt to the legal fund and the cost of expert reports. No amount is too little. $50,000 is the goal and to date we have raised over $25,000.

Cost Commitments to Date:
Community Awareness Signs and Posters: $1225
Ramsey Planning:  $2217
Noise Study: $9000
Traffic Safety: (T-intersection Bridge Street & Hwy 62S) $1500
Water Study: TBD
Tomlinson Economic Impact Study: $5000
Donnelly Law Legal Retainer: $5000 + $6200
Gillespie Legal Retainer: $5000

“Our family cottage when I was growing up was not too far from Bancroft.
I know how beautiful the area is and why everyone is so determined to see this landscape protected.”
~ David Donnelly, Donnelly Law Barristers & Solicitors

Help us protect your slice of perfection in Bancroft…

Help! We only have until end of June 2019 to fund all the expert opinions we need to show Hastings County that they have to demand more information to protect our freshwater supply, the environment, existing tourism businesses, and the many, many year round and seasonal residents safe from the next 50 years – the proposed lifetime of the Freymond/Fowler quarry. Donate to our GoFundMe page to help. If you require a tax receipt we’ve also set up SmallChangeFund donation site just for you.