The economic impact study of the Caledon quarry results shows a net economic loss for the communities in the vicinity of the quarry. Can we assume the same is true for what the Freymond-Fowler Quarry will do to Bancroft and Faraday?

That’s why we’re fundraising: we should have a right to know the impact of the quarry before it is allowed. NPFAQ had to hire their own lawyer and expert to get this basic economic impact information!

The Faraday council did not consider the economic impact important. They did not even ask the applicant to get an economic impact study done – before they voted to support the applicant’s request for a 50-year quarry.

This is shocking considering neighbouring the proposed quarry location are tourism businesses – Bancroft Brew Pub,  The Granite and Grail Springs, Awarded Best Wellness Retreat in Canada 2016-2017-2017. Anne Dimon,

President Wellness Tourism Association questions this oversight – and you should too.

NPFAQ is also concerned about the Bancroft quarry applicants’ lack of attention to:

  1. Traffic
  2. Noise
  3. Water
  4. Flyrock
  5. And the unethical politics that may have been involved in part of trying to quickly push through permission for the applicant to receive a 50 year aggregate quarry licence.

We’re stopping to ask questions – and we’re willing to pay for it. Will you?

Help us protect your slice of perfection in Bancroft.

Help! We only have until end of June 2019 to fundraise all the expert opinions we need to show Hastings County that they have to demand more information to protect our freshwater supply, the environment, existing tourism businesses, and the many many year round and seasonal residents safe from the next 50 years – the proposed lifetime of the Freymond/Fowler quarry. Donate to our GoFundMe page to help. If you require a tax receipt we’ve also set up NoSmallChange donation site just for you.

Caledon Quarry Economic Impact Study Show Net Economic Loss For All Communities In The Vicinity